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Resistance loop training for hip strength

Resistance loop placement & its effect on lower limb muscle activity - findings of Lewis et al (2018) & Cambridge et al (2012)

Glute max:

▫️Greater activity in stance vs moving leg

▫️Lowest activity with band at knee, more at ankles, most at feet

Glute med:

▫️Greater activity in stance leg vs moving leg

▫️Lowest activity with band at knee, more at ankles, most at feet

Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL):

▫️In females, greater activity in the stance leg. In males, greater activity in the moving leg.

▫️Lowest activity with band at knee, more at ankles & no statistical difference between ankle & foot position

What does this mean?

🌟If your goal is to increase glut med & max strength rather than TFL strength, the best band placement is probably around the feet

🌟However consider that with the band at the feet vs knee there is a big difference in torque, so opt for lighter resistance

🌟Focus energy & attention on the position & stability of the stance leg to maximise optimal action of your glutes (keep your knee bending over your middle toes, not rotating / angling inwards)

Cambridge et AL (2012) Progressive hip rehabilitation: the effects of resistance band placement on gluteal activation during two common exercises. Clinical Biomechanics 27 (7): 719-724

Lewis et al (2018) Hip-Muscle Activity in Men and Women During Resisted Side Stepping With Different Band Positions. Journal of Athletic Training 53 (11): 1071-1081

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